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Floating - Aquatic Descent

Descent of the Grand Canyon by floating (white water swimming)

With a specific equipment (life jacket, wetsuit, helmet, socks), you'll swim down the river bed in white water, to visit such places as the baume aux pigeons, the styx, the imbut, the Baou Beni, in the footsteps of A.E. Martel and the former Verdoniens.

The Verdon river is dam controlled and the level of the water changes. When there is a dam "opening" it becomes white water therefore faster and the descent is more physical. Usually Tuesdays and Fridays during the summer season.


Le Couloir Samson 

This trip whilst easily accessible takes place in a magnificent setting where the rock has been sculpted in an extraordinary way by the magic of the emerald green waters of the Verdon river.

Les Portes du Verdon

This half-day course takes you from the Pont de Tusset down to the Couloir Samson. Accessible to all, it will allow you to discover the activity and prepare you for a longer trip!

The Martel

The first part on foot takes you through the tunnels of the old hydroelectric project to the heart of the Escales. Then on to the joining of the Artuby canyon with the Verdon, we continue down to the passerelle de l’Estelié where we walk back up to the chalet de la Maline.

The Estelié Imbut

Amazing tour... From the  Chalet de la Maline the descent to the Estellie bridge and left bank to reveal to you the secret part of the Verdon. Several jumps proposed and then a walk out by a really steep narrow path!

The Heart of the canyon, Le Verdon "Secret"

A descent into the heart of the Grand Canyon! The descent on foot by the Sentier de la Maline brings us to L'Imbut,  then alternately by swimming and walking we come to the last untamed part of the Canyon, with no other trail or footpath where only water and rock dominate! Passing through the underground river of L' Imbut, Le Couloir de marble, Le Baou Beni and La Voute d'Emeraude. We descend towards the lake of Saint Croix walking back up by a trail to find civilization, that seemed to have disappeared...